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September 19, 2019

NIH Director responds about NINR Director position

In response to the 3,700+ supporters who have urged NIH to appoint only nurses to lead the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR), NIH Director Francis Collins has sent a substantial letter to Truth About Nursing director Sandy Summers.

In his letter, Dr. Collins expresses support for nursing and vows to search for a highly qualified nursing leader to fill the permanent NINR director position. But he does not appear ready to reconsider the decision to have dentist Lawrence Tabak and biologist Tara Schwetz remain as interim leaders of the NINR.

The Truth About Nursing has responded to the Director, providing further background on how these interim appointments affect public understanding of nursing, which in turn affects the nursing profession. As we note, the appointments are sadly consistent with the message of nursing subordination that still prevails in too much of society, and this undermines nurses' claims to adequate resources.

Truth's letter to NIH Director

We hope to discuss this further with Dr. Collins soon. We will keep you updated when we have more. In the meantime, please continue to urge colleagues, friends and students to join the letter writing campaign and keep the pressure on to encourage the NIH Director to appoint nurses to lead NINR. Thank you!

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Francis Collins

Francis Collins, MD, NIH Director, needs further encouragement to appoint nurses to lead NINR

Dentist Lawrence Tabak, NINR's new Interim Director

Dentist Lawrence Tabak, NINR's new interim Director

Tara Schwetz

Biologist Tara Schwetz, NINR's new interim deputy director

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